What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document which forms a supplement to the section of the Local Authority's 'Core Strategy' relating to planning policy within your local area.

The area defined for the plan was set out in the application submitted to Sedgemoor District Council on the 22nd June 2012, and was defined as the Cheddar Parish boundary.

After being registered for the requisite 6 week period, and having had no objections raised by members of the public, it was deemed to be registered. The registration date was the 31st August 2012.

The survey that is to be found on this site, will be used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan steering committee of the wishes and needs of local residents, relating to their future housing needs. Feedback obtained will shape the next stage of this process, and assist in the production of the full Neighbourhood Planning document. Once complete, this document will be subject to further public consultation, and when the final draft is produced, it will be submitted for independent scrutiny, before being put forward for a full referendum by local residents.

Provided over 50% of respondents are in favour of the final plan, it will then  be approved, and become part of the Local Authority's primary guidance documents, and it will be required to comply with its guidance when considering future requirements, and planning decisions relating to the Cheddar area.




After registering, please use your registration details to access the site via the "LOGIN FORM" to the right of the picture - Many thanks!